For a natural look with soft, well-defined, non-frizzy curls



For years, we’ve tamed it with brushes and straighteners, but the current trend is to celebrate it, making every woman with naturally curly hair unique.

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To keep it healthy and beautiful, curly hair needs special treatments and care
detersione CLEANSING Wash hair with a gentle moisturising shampoo that’s designed specifically for curly hair.
idratazione HYDRATION Always use a good conditioner for curly hair after your shampoo to boost hydration.
nutrimento NOURISHING Curly hair can benefit from a mask to restore its moisture and shine.
spazzolatura BRUSHING Avoid combing or brushing curly hair when it’s dry, as this may cause it to break or go frizzy.
Instead, comb wet hair with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle it gently.
asciugatura DRYING Instead of a hair straightener or curler, it’s better to use a diffuser on medium speed. Always apply a heat protection product before exposing hair to the heat.
styling STYLING Use a curl shaper and/or fixer: they make both drying and styling easier, saving considerable time and effort.

Curls are difficult to manage, to enhance their natural beauty,
Vitality's has created the new line

icona formazione

For a natural look with soft, well-defined, non-frizzy curls!



DefineHair complex is a miraculous molecular cocktail with endless benefits, formulated with:


A natural disaccharide that maintains the right level of hydration in the hair fibres

Cotton oil

Particularly rich in fatty acids, it has hydrating, regenerating and elasticising properties

Smoothing polymer

Provides superb resistance to humidity, helps smooth the hair and boosts curl volume

DefineHair complex delivers hydration and elasticity to curls, leaving them soft and tamed with no frizz.

.E.G. Mix

is a complex of plant extracts from,

 echinacea, an organically-farmed officinal herb
 I.G.P. hazelnuts from the Langhe district
organic rice hulls and husks

obtained through a specific extraction method which allows concentrated active ingredients to be obtained, without the use of chemical solvents.

A natural mix exclusive to Vitality’s, with moisturizing, antioxidant, emollient and nourishing properties.


Prickly Pear extract is sourced from the pads (leaves) of Prickly Pears harvested exclusively in Sicily.

It is particularly effective at hydrating the hair fibres and scalp.

The gel found inside the pads is traditionally used to soften the skin and treat redness.

Prickly Pear extract is a multi-purpose concentrate that:

  • Boosts the antioxidant capacity of the cell membranes
  • Hydrates the skin and hair fibres
  • Prevents irritation to the skin


Curly hair is characterized by a lack of moisture and the continued use of sulfates could make it even drier.

For this reason, Vitality's has not used sulfates within the C&S Ricci line.


Care & Style Ricci stands out for its fresh, floral fragrance

A truly fragrant composition that blossoms on the hair, thanks to hints of green violet and mint leaves blended with a more summery note of coconut water.

A heart of cyclamen and jasmine contrasts with more woody base notes of white cedar and musk to round off the striking fragrance.


The Care & Style Line for curly hair makes curls blossom and bloom, just like flflowers in springtime